August 13, 2011

Movies to watch over the weekend

We have a movie marathon this weekend while we're doing some exercise. We used to exercise via our stationary bike or threadmill while watching a movie using our portable dvd player. We're going to do that again tonight. We borrowed 8 dvds from the nearby city because ours' just allowed maximum of 3 dvds due 1 week, while the former allows maximum of 10 and good for 2 weeks. Last night, before I went to bed I watched 'Killers' lead by Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl. It did not impress me nor made me laugh, knowing that Ashton Kutcher was the producer of the movie, justified what I thought initially. No producer other than himself would give him this role because he won't give justice to the role. Then Katherine's acting was more on screaming and eye popping. They just don't have the chemistry thus, it turned out dull. While I was watching Killers, hubby was glued on 'Hurricane Katrina', haven't asked him yet how it was. I think I'll be watching 'Love and other Drugs' starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway tonight while on stationary bike. I hope it will be nicer than Killers.

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