August 31, 2011

My boy is back to school

My kiddo is back to school and it was just on the third day that he's back to the routine because on the first day, he cried when the bus picked him up which is greatly opposite from what he's been last summer. He loves going to school like what I have posted here before that I needed to create distractions during weekend or non-school days because he throws tantrums when I don't put his shoes on, backpack, change clothes and front door not open. Well, it took him the third day that he initially takes his shoes, back pack and tried to open the door and uttered 'Mommy school bus'. I miss him during the time that he's in the school but I love it because I have more me-time. Honestly, whenever I'm doing errands or shopping, I kept on thinking of what he's doing, he might been poked or he pushed somebody, something like that. I'm so conscious of the time, kept on looking at my watch, my cellphone if there's a call from the school and hurriedly comes home 20-30 minutes prior to his arrival on our place. Maybe, three days are not yet enough for me to adjust or I must tell myself that my son is in good hands and doing well. 

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