August 16, 2011

New Job needs relocation

We had dinner with my brother in law (hubby's sibling) and his family in Applebees. Hubby and his brother are best of friends so whatever things come out, they share/disclose it with each other. My bro in law was offered a new job, Regional Manager of a leading medical equipment which unfortunately needs relocation to Alberta, Canada. He considers this as major advancement on his career that's why he's so excited and challenged. The job requires him to stay there for 2-3 years to stabilize the region/area and have the option to move back here in USA. They 're kinda hesitant on this idea because of their kids, how they will adjust to a new environment but when they start browsing the net for houses for rent in Calgary and the schools nearby, they're a little bit excited to give it a try. It's so difficult to relocate to a place you have never been to, no relatives and will start new friendships. But, it's just a matter of 2-3 years, time flies so fast and they will be back here again.

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