August 01, 2011

"Pearl Harbor" the movie

We usually go out every Sunday after going to mass but we opted to stay home yesterday and halted our plan to bring our son to the fair in Indiana because it was too hot. After the mass, we went to a chinese restaurant for our lunch and drove in a Frozen Yogurt place afterwards. We're home around 1pm and our son took his afternoon nap while hubby and I watched some movies and one of them is Pearl Harbor. The actors are Ben Affleck, the handsome Josh Hartnett, Alec Baldwin and the actresses are Kate Beckinsale and Jennifer Garner. It was an action drama movie about the war. While watching the movie, I asked hubby where exactly is Pearl Harbor and he supplied me details about it including what caused the bombing. He said that the Japanese thought that striking Pearl Harbor would cause USA to pull out from Pacific region leaving it free for the Japanese to reign over Far East region. We've discussed that for sure Pearl Harbor is one of the tourist attractions in Hawaii and directed our conversation to relocating to Hawaii. Our interest drove us to browse the net and look for information about real estate in Hawaii and we found a site that has all the information you needed to know to acquire a Hawaii property.

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