August 31, 2011

Persistent tickly cough

Flu season is around the corner and I hate it when I have colds and cough. It started with colds, now I have a persistent tickly cough which gets worse at night. It's so annoying and irritating whenever I have the episode of coughing, like a dog continously barking at night. I just hope that my son wouldn't catch any from me, but unfortunately I heard him coughing this morning. These are some of the things that I got to embrace when I moved here in USA, Fall season means flu and Spring means allergy-itchiness. I'm taking lots of fluid, vitamin C, trying to get as much sleep as I could and eating lots of veggies/fruits. I just got curious on why my coughing gets worse at night so I googled for answers and found that when you are awake, swallowing and moving help to keep nasal drainage reduced while at night, when you lie down which is you're less active, nasal congestion increases. Also, when there's dry air on the place where you sleep at night can cause throat irritation which makes you cough. I just hope this will be over the soonest. I want to be well and I don't want my son to get sick. May GOD gives me comfort and grant my wellness again.

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