August 04, 2011

Sneezing and Itching

It's been months that I'm having this allergy that caused me to constantly sneeze and sometimes itch for couple of minutes. I religioulsy clean our house from mopping to vacuuming and thought how about those dust and dirt that out of my sight specicifically the structure that delivers the air that we breathe. I'm not 100% on the idea of having our air duct be cleaned but whenever I clean the house and kept on seeing dust, I then realize what more on our vents. I spoke with my friend who relocated here in our state, originally from Texas about my allergy and she told me that I should have my airduct be cleaned because she had her airducts cleaned by air duct cleaning austin . She said that after the cleaning, her house has less dust on tables and smelled better than ever. It's better if we have in our state, so I could have what my friend had experienced with the end result - fully satisfied. I will inform hubby later about my plan for our airduct and hope he'll agree because I think it's affordable and worth it.

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