October 01, 2012

Some things are better left unsaid

A friend of mine and someone out there are into this kind of situation nowadays, I thought of giving my two cents advice. We have unique personalities that’s why we can’t criticize others for not doing what you think is right. You might have a strong personality and can deal with any kind of pressures and others might be too weak to cope. The most important is that we should always remember to learn by our mistakes. We are bound to commit mistakes in life because nobody’s perfect and the purpose of this is to learn from it. Let it serves as motivation to move on and live life to the fullest because life is really too short. The main purpose of this post is to motivate those people who need lots of thinking to make a very tough decision. We used to say, whatever that will make you happy go for it! but that’s not the good choice. It should be whatever is right, go for it! a choice of right or wrong. If in the course of choosing based on what is right will cause someone or a lot of people hurt, let it be because at the end you will not have any regrets for that decision because that’s the right thing. What makes you happy is sometimes temporary and could change, it might be just for now but if it’s the RIGHT one, it’s for a lifetime. So, don’t be bothered by what other people might be saying against you, you know yourself better than them and this is your life. Sometimes, in order to move on, we don’t need to discuss things in the past, there are things better left unsaid.

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