August 19, 2011

Toddler caught stealing

LOL,, need to start with an internet slang so that readers wouldn't take this seriously. I caught in the act my toddler having my wallet and taking out cash. He knows where I kept my purse/bag and was able to dig in and took my wallet. Fortunately, I was there before he could tear them into pieces which he likes to do especially on my subscribed magazines. I would have a puzzle magazine pages that I needed to construct in order to read them. It's so amazing that kids learn skills on their own and I realized that time flies sooo fast that my son is no longer a baby that I can hug and kiss anytime I want and would stay put in one place. Now, he's often distracted by things around him thus, he's into exploring and wouldn't want to be held/kiss or pay attention. I'm just lucky to be around my son all the time to witness each milestone he passed. If I will relive my life again, I wish I have my son when I was a little younger so that I can be with him longer.

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