September 16, 2011

50th Wedding Anniversary

Two weeks from now, we are going to attend my friend's parents 50th wedding anniversary. I admire those couples who stayed married for years and what more 50 years. It takes true love, faith to GOD, patience and understanding for relationship/marriage to work and stay longer. It was a very nice love story, they've been together since highschool and they hated each other then. He was the bestfriend of her cousin's boyfriend and they don't get along pretty well. Until they were compelled to have each other as date on their Prom Night which started a very close friendship turned relationship until they went to different states for college, yet maintained the pressure of long distance relationship which led to marriage and now, they're celebrating their 50th wedding day. I believe that Love is indeed a decision and not just a feeling because you will not just go away with your marriage/relationship just because the feeling is gone. Love is a command thus, you make it happen. They are a sweet and genuine couple so I'm thinking of what to bring on their anniversary. Hubby suggested wine gifts which I think would be nice so I browsed the net for fine wine and I'm glad I found site that have lots of selection. Cheers to one couple who believes that the key to succeding in marriage is not finding the right person but it's learning to love the person you found through the years.

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