September 03, 2011

Allstate TV Ad: Toddler Mayhem

I have lots of favorite videos in Youtube which I put into various playlists especially those videos with actual kids singing. Most of the videos are for my son's viewing. I organized them by category such as Nursery Rhymes, Alphabet, Count, Babies, Eating, Drinking and Movies which I play alternately or every other day depending on the period of time my son could watch after he got bored with what we have and those that I borrowed from the library. So, when I played playlist Nursery Rhymes, I expect that they will play continously but to my suprise they have those commercials that even there's a note to skip this ad, it will just allow you to skip after 5-7 seconds of the commercial. To my suprise, some commercials are the up coming movies which some are not rated GP. I saw my son watching the movie trailer of Friends with Benefits a month ago, embedded on the next nursery rhyme on the playlist. Why inserting commercial like that in a nursery rhyme video, expecting that most of the viewers are kids. I don't like it, don't know who's responsible for that, the owner of the video because she/he wants income even the commercial is in bad taste OR it's Google who placed ads randomly? Yesterday, I noticed a tv commercial embedded on one of the alphabet videos, the Allstate's Toddler Mayhem which pissed me off, you can watch the video below. My son's face was wondering why a man is acting like crazy, yelling, making a mess and throwing things  which are not good example for kids and my son doesn't find it funny. It SHOULD NOT be in the first place embedded in a video intended and usually watched by kids. What's the business of kids/toddlers with Allstate? Embedding on nursery videos, it's totally inappropriate!

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thesahmydotcom said...

I appreciate all your comments, I decided not to post all of them because some of them were so RUDE. I was giving my personal opinion about the commercial given the circumstance that it was embedded on a nursery/alphabet video that so happened being watched by my son. If the commercial is playing on TV or other Youtubes videos, I woudn't mind, my point is, it is Inappropriate to embed it on nursery video where mostly toddler/kids are watching. By the way, everybody is entitled to their opinion, and don't be Anynomous just to be mean/rude. Thanks for dropping by, you're adding traffic to my site.