September 20, 2011

Bad Dream, does it mean something?

I was with my friend hanging out in Starbucks and talking about Dreams. We both catholics and strongly believe God lets his children to go through difficult situation on a purpose which might not be understood and accepted by the person who incurred that experience/trial onset but in God's time he/she will realize what its impact on his/her life. My friend had a dream about car accident, some details were no longer vivid on her except that she's sure that she's the driver, her eyes were closed, somewhat fall asleep and her companion kept on waking her up until they met the accident. We searched for the interpretation of that dream and we found this :

"To dream of being in an accident can be a warning for you to avoid whichever situation was involved in your dream, regardless of what it is. Lives have been saved by heeding this advice. If your dream involved a car, you may want to walk whenever possible and use extra caution when surrounded by traffic. To dream that you are nearly hit a by car represents that your ambitions in life may not be in line with others'. You could have also experienced a wounded ego or traumatic situation"

It won't hurt us or anybody if we take note of this interpretation, it only reminds us to take precautions and doesn't implies that we have less faith in GOD. We trust him with all our heart and whatever circumstances that come our way, it will always have a purpose and a reason, 101% not a punishment. But going back to reality, I asked her if she has a Life Insurance and she said, 'none' which made me persuade her to scout for insurance policy that suits her lifestyle and budget. I mentioned lifestyle because she's a chain smoker which she doesn't have yet plan to quit, she referred me as her 'mom' whenever I nag about quitting the habit. If she can't quit, she better find a life insurance for a smoker. We all know that everything happens for a reason and purpose and that's in the hands of GOD, we just have to put our faith in him and let him maneuver our life, for sure we'll be safe because GOD is good all the time.

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