September 07, 2011

Bump and Cut on Forehead

I was in the grocery store and just started placing items on my cart when I received a phone call from my son's school nurse notifying me that my son had an accident that caused a bump and cut on his forehead. I panicked the moment that I heard the word accident and hurriedly left my grocery cart, drove fast to pick up my son. While driving, I was utttering profane languages and blaming whoever caused that accident, too pissed off that I was driving beyond the limit. At the same time, crying because I worried about my son and thought how painful it was when his cut was cleaned at the school clinic. I recall the other day when I posted that my son was back to school that I always thought of him if he was poked or he pushed someone and other scenarios because I don't trust that much those people that takes care of him while in school aside from it's impossible to attend to all his needs because there are other students too. How I wish I could always be there at my son side but the reality wouldn't allow it, he needs to do things on his own for him to learn and survive. So when I got in the school, I spoke with the teacher and she told me that my son together with another boy played near the book shelves and my son pulled one shelf and it fell on his forehead. Unfortunately, the teacher and assistant were far away from the area to prevent it, accidents do happen! It broke my heart when I saw my son with a bump and a big cut on his forehead, I cried, kissed and hugged him so tight to assure him things will be ok because I'm already on his side. I don't want this thing to happen again, it really breaks my heart, I love my son very much and would do everything to make him safe. As what the senior moms are saying, kids will always go through this stage because they are active and free but for me, I hope there will no more accidents. May GOD always keep our children safe.

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