September 08, 2011

Dream wedding in recession?

We are invited to my sister in law's bestfriend wedding this end of September, 2011. The bride's parents and my hubby's are very close friends that's why their children are like sisters and brothers. We were told that they are having problems in terms of finances since the bride got laid off and haven't found a new job up to this time and her parents are both deceased. My sister in law told the couple that there are lots of creative and less expensive ways to get married without emptying their pockets up to the last penny. One suggestion is to hold the wedding ceremony and reception in the same place, with that they don't have to pay separate fees and they could save money in decorating a single location. She just ordered her wedding dress online and not customly made which cost more, the bridesmaid dresses were agreed to be paid by each bridesmaid as their share to help the bride with the expenses. Instead of huge cake, she'll be having a medium size and cupcakes on the side. The giveaways were personally prepared by the couple since the groom works as Graphic Designer, they made a short film / video of their love story and will be distributed via DVD copies. The catering service is via a family friend who owns a famous diner in downtown which gave them big discount. The limo service is from Chicago Limo Services which has the most reasonable price amongst their checklist and has a good reputation of providing good quality service. Lastly, their honeymoon will be in Ireland because the couple are both Irish-American and they have lots of relatives to stay with there So, who would say that you can't have your dream wedding in times of recession?, it's just a matter of organizing and having 101% support of your family and friends.

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