September 06, 2011

Elderly care

The hurricane Irene left lots of damages in East Coast and areas in New Jersey are still flooded which made me call my friend there to know their situation. It's nice to know that they are safe and doing fine especially her 75 years old mother who's in nj senior care since last year. Her mom has alzheimer's disease that is getting worse that has huge effect on her memory, thinking, and behavior which is very difficult for my friend to take care since she and her husband are working full-time and her kids are still young. She's so thankful that she found New Jersey elder care which provides care for people 24/7 with licensed professional caregivers. They provide personal care and hygiene assistance, meal preparation, safety and fall prevention and alzheimer's care which is a great relief to my friend. She feels guilty for not able to take care of her mother's needs but circumstances hinder for her to perform that obligation. She needs to work double time to help out with the expenses of her family as well as of her mother's. When she met the those people that takes care of her mother, she's convinced that her mother is in good hands and she fully gave her trust to them. It's hard to find people that you can trust and you feel comfortable to entrust the care to your love one.

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