September 25, 2011

Facebook will start to charge! a False Rumor

When I signed in to my Facebook account this morning, I was so suprised with lots of posts saying that Facebook will be charging soon with some fees included. I don't believe on a post and wouldn't repost it without prefix sortie like 'Is this true? or if the post didn't have a legit source/site link. So, when I read all these posts and reposts, I thought of googling it and I found in Huffington post that that it's a FALSE RUMOR spreading and started on the release of Facebook Timeline feature/look. Anyways, I just thought of posting the article photo and wrote ' don't repost anymore' on my Facebook status. I  believe in responsible spreading of news that it should be legitimate and came from a credible/reliable source because I don't want to cause harm by misinforming my friends and theirs'. There are lots of scams out there in disguise so we better be careful. I remember some Facebook applications that pretend that they can determine who's checking on someone's profile which in the first place why you need to know who's checking your profile if yours' is visible to Only Friends, anticipate that they (your friends) will time to time check your profile, I don't get what's the purpose of knowing who checks your profile because once you posted photos, and your friends browse them, it's automatically considered viewing your profile. Thus, I didn't try this application even I saw lots of my friends joined it. To each his own, but if the applications that you accessed will have access on your friends' profile/information, that's something to watch out. I extracted the false rumor information from huffington post.

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