September 21, 2011


As I was blog hopping, I noticed the trend of giving free stuff in exchange of linking their sites to yours or by signing as one of their followers and many other ways. Well, I admit that I thought of doing it to my site to increase traffic and establish friendships. Some of them are giving purse/bag, shirt/blouse, kids stuff and even cash via Paypal. For a stay at home mom like me who's dependent on my hubby's income for now, I need to think of something less expensive yet cool/cute and attracts attention. With that, I planned to have custom pins with design print 'Stay at Home Mom Rocks' using aluminum which is most cost effective and light base metal. It's going to be a cool giveaways because most of the bloggers that I know are stay at home moms, wherever they put the pin, they will be reminded and will let them smile whenever they see that print design. I'm thinking of the text written in circle form and the center of the pin will have a funny art illustration of a stay at home mom like being a supermop woman, supernanny, etc., I don't know if I could push these through because for sure I will be needing budget and how will I distribute them. At least the plan has started, more ideas to come then the execution. I hope it will serve its purpose and stay at home moms out there would be happy to get one.

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