September 08, 2011

Get messy and have fun

I watched a movie where kids are playing in the mud and thought of writing a post about it. I was asked one time what things that I missed during my childhood, if ever I have one. I'm the only child and my parents are so protective / strict on me so I was just limited to a few outdoor activities because my mom doesn't want me to go home stinky and would complain about my dirty clothes. I could say that I missed that chance of playing in the mud, getting messy but having a great fun. Can you imagine the fun on getting loose and messy, the laughter and the feeling of being free to do anything in the mud and those around you? If my son could have the chance to play in the mud, I would definitely support him but of course that requires the right time and the right place. How I wish life is as simple as playing in the mud, no pressure, no stress, all about having fun.

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