September 14, 2011

Having deadlines

I really miss working, the workload, the pressure, meeting deadlines, socialization, the analysis, decision making and of course the pay. For those who's just new here, I've been a stay-at-home-mommy for almost two years now, read more about this here. Everyday aside from the chores and errands, facebooking, surfing the net, I do exercise my brain (lol), solving puzzles, playing solitaire. I also make sure that I do lots of reading books and magazines and I watch movies via dvds. To break the routine of meeting deadlines for the chores and errands, I set deadlines for myself to read magazines and watch movies. It's like having workload deadlines, that I must accomplish within a day or week. Today, I have deadlines to finish reading these magazines (see photos) and watch these dvds within a week while doing exercise on stationary bike or before going to bed. I put pressure on myself by including the readings on my to-do-list since I just borrowed these magazines and need to return them the next day. I don't want to procrastinate so I need to read this after doing this post while I'm waiting for my son's school bus. I must be done doing post before my son comes because he would interfere on my typing and would want to play with the keyboard. I have O magazines, Better Homes, and Ikea catalog. For dvds, I have Enduring Love, We own the night, Priceless, Feast of Love, Vanilla Sky, New York I love you, Everybody's Fine, Eat Pray Love and Letters to Juliet which were randomly picked up from the library. I hope I could finish my tasks within my set deadline before my boss (my son) start to be uncooperative and delegates lots of task (lol).

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