September 02, 2011

How do you determine "Real Beauty"?

As what it's written in Ecclesiastes 3:11, "He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what GOD has done from beginning to end", it means that all the things that GOD created are all beautiful and unique. So, whatever race, color, religion, culture, country you belong, you are beautiful. With this, real beauty really do exist. How can you say that someone has a real beauty? We're judging beauty based on artificial aspect that in cases of women, we adore them and say they're beautiful if they have flawless skin, skinny body, nice hair and all the artificial stuff. Living in this era where medical technology offers lots of alternatives to enhance/beautify someone's appearance that pretends to promote self-esteem before any other motives is truly persuading and encouraging. But come to think of it, way back then, the time of our great grand parents, they don't have this medical enhancements technology but people then are still beautiful. As technology progresses, people's standard of measuring beauty goes along with it. Hats off to those celebrities like Kate Winslet who fight against the pressure of the entertainment industry to have cosmetic surgery and created a league to promote real beauty / anti-cosmetic surgery league. I like Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson for being flat chested all these years and despite that they remain beautiful and gorgeous. As what the other actress with Kate Winslet league reasoned, that it goes agaisnt her morals, the way her parents brought her up is indeed true especially for those who belong in my culture. Am I fat, lousy looking, too old, too skinny in short unattractive because I'm agaisnt cosmetic plastic surgery? No, I am 101% agaisnt cosmetic surgery and this is not because I'm just a stay at home mom, I don't have the money to finance it and I don't have the kind of job that requires it, it's what I am, what I believe in. I would rather take the natural way to transform from big to small, exercise and diet than go under the knife. Real beauty for me is someone who has a radiant smile and not because of his white teeth and kissable lips but because her/his outlook in life comes out from that smile. He/She chooses to smile despite everyday's stress. Real beauty for me is someone who has a sparkling eyes, not because of the botox / makeup but because of the honesty it conveys. I watched Oprah show rerun the other day and learned from a Nobel Prize writer that whenever your child look at you, you should look at him/her in the eyes too and give your best smile. In that way, your child will get the message that whatever he/she wants to say, you're there to listen and you love them. I found some people's definition of real beauty, what's yours?
Real Beauty is
* being exactly who you are and never apologizing for it
* loving yourself no matter how painful it is
* loving your body, no matter how imperfect it is
* about embracing your curves
* looking at the mirror and smiling about what you see
* not a size, it's an attitude
* is who you really are without make-up, hair color and cosmetic enhancements
* walking around with confidence but not with an attitude

For me, each and everyone of us is a real beauty especially when you smile and have that look in your eyes. That creates beauty in your face and beauty to others that you encountered.

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