September 12, 2011

Importance of Feedback

I went shopping for my son's Fall clothing and when I was paying my stuff, the cashier had to say their countless promo from applying for credit card, rewards, coupon via email, kids club membership and others. After saying, No, thank you, you'll hear another promo and that's going to their website and giving feedback about your shopping experience and you'll be included for the electronic raffle to win gift certificate. I know that customer feedbacks are very important to the retailers / companies because it is an effective tool to identify problem areas and how to improve / better their products or services. In connection with sending feedbacks, I was in line for 30 minutes because the store has only one cashier and she needed to recite all the promos because it kept on popping up from their cash register's screen as she's ringing the sale, when it was my turn, I asked her politely if there's no other cashier that could assist her because of the customer traffic that time and she said, she already paged for assistance and nobody comes. She added more that she received lots of complaints about having no assistance that's why customers leave and mentioned those promos that they are compelled to recite which prolongs each transactions which means more waiting time for the next customer. She also complained about not having her break on time because of the traffic. I asked her, if they have any employee surveys which will help her employer to know their employees' opinions, status and satisfaction, she just shrug her shoulder. I believe that in order for a company to operate efficiently a good communication is very important and employee survey can be a good tool to help the company to identify which part of the operations are doing right so as to check for other parts of the organization who needed more guidance to improve its performance.

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