September 21, 2011

Junk Mails

Everyday I receive lots of junk mails such as credit card application, insurance, airline reward card application, cellphone and many others. I just cut them into pieces and toss in the garbage, then after a week, I'll receive similar ones again. I can imagine how much budget is alloted to marketing campaigns of these companies thinking that they do this to millions of Americans. Sometimes it annoying most especially if you're waiting for a very important mail because instead of expecting / having it, you'll have to sort lots of junk mails. In this economic crisis where lots of people have foreclosed properties and filed bankruptcy, how many people are there who wants to apply for a new or additional credit card, airline rewards and many others. I just hope some learned their lesson and others would realize that living within your means is the best thing in times of crisis. While typing this post, I recall somebody who spends too much on magazines subscriptions that it came to a point that she can no longer read all of them which she resorted in giving them to me because she knows that I love to read especially her gossip magazines :> She kept on adding my name for every promo of the magazines she subscribed which made them to send me lots of subscription offers. I hope they will stop sending me but for the meantime, they serve as distraction to my son because I let him play with it which eventually torn into pieces too.

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