September 05, 2011

Labor Day:Tribute to taking care / raising children job

When I moved here in USA, I asked hubby about the Labor day here if it's the same though the name itself connotes its purpose, with what we have in the Philippines which is celebrated every first day of May. He said basically the same and today as we celebrate Labor Day, I browsed for some history of it. I learned that Labor Day started in 1882 brought upon the desire of Labor unions then to make a holiday for workers and it became officially in 1894. It used to be celebrated with street parade, fair / festival and famous men / women held speeches. This day gives workers a day off / rest and recognize their participation / contribution to the economy. All sectors of workforce whether small or big are given importance on this day for their dedication and hardwork. I consider myself part of the working force of this country then and now. Then, when I was working full time turned part time and now that I am a stay at home mom. The latter is considered part of the working force, it's usually unrecognized job because they don't receive the same benefits and salary the usual workers get. They were perceived to be settled and contented with love and affection as their payment / reward for taking care / raising children. For mom like me, taking care / raising children is part of being a parent but it's the hardest job of all because you are not compensated and the worse, seldom recognized for the effort and hardwork. Everyone seeks for equality, gay marriage, religion, organizations and many others. Taking care and raising children is usually the mother's main responsibility but if moms out there would take this matter out from "being a mother", they will seek equality too. For working moms, their kids are placed into daycares and these institutions have its own workers comprised of experienced nannies, caregivers, teachers and mostly they are mothers too. So, when Labor Day is celebrated, these workers in daycare who takes care and somehow part in raising these kids, are being recognized and given their day offs. Mothers are exempted and will just wait for mother's day to be recognized on their taking care and raising children job. Thus, I thought of doing this post to pay tribute for all the mothers and fathers who take care / raise their children full time, may GOD bless you more strength and patience to endure the hardships. I know it's part of being a parent but it's a very hard job that deserves to be recognized on this Labor Day.

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