September 17, 2011

Looking Chic At Work

Herego again, I'm missing work! I just finished organizing my closet, kept some summer clothes and brought out the fall/winter ones. I saw some blazers, skirts and dresses which unfortunately wouldn't fit on me anymore so I need to wait for sometime that I can put them on and I'm hoping it would be the soonest. I miss my job in the Philippines where I wore suits with matching accessories and shoes which I brought some here and poor stuff they got stucked in my suitcase. When I started to work here in USA, I was assigned in the Human Resources Department which I kinda overdressed because I wore suits, simply ones. My boss wore jeans and simple tops. I got conscious then so I tried to dress up according to what they used with until my boss told me to go back to wearing suit because that's the proper dress code in our department and admitted that she's the one who needs to change. Being a stay at home mom, I just have the opportunity to dress up whenever we go to church or special occassion but mostly very casual. I got used with wearing sweat/jogging pants or jeans with no collar shirts, usually on running errands and grocery shopping. I thought of reminiscing the old times by going through my photo albums and browsing the net for what's new in corporate/office attire. I imagined myself looking chic at work by wearing some of these suits in the photo. Hubby encouraged me to buy which I know deep inside him, he wants to convey that I should hurry up my losing weight goal, lol! I should get rid of this cupcake top on me.

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