September 30, 2011

My little boy might follow mom's career path

My morning routine starts with preparing my son for school and when he's picked up by the school bus, my 'me-time' starts. 'Me-time' comprises of multi-tasking, chores with errands and socialization. So far it's working on me and when my son comes home, another set of routine. He knows how to access our desktop computer, from turning it on to using the mouse and the sound buttons on/off and low/high volume. Our default homepage is Yahoo and we have installed its toolbar with YouTube and Facebook icons. My son knows Youtube, so he clicks it whenever he wants to watch his nursery videos. Yesterday, I saw him scrolling up and down on a certain website and kept on clicking the mouse. He was browsing the site of Maintenance Management Software, (see the screen shot) which I know why he got stuck, it's because of the tiger. Anyways, it brought me back to my working days in the Philippines. My job focused on Retail Management / Point of Sales System which I had the opportunity to be trained in Malaysia and got certified as Trainor. It was a great experience and even now I still receive emails/updates on their products/events. I prefer my son to be in healthcare field like his Dad but will support him if he wants mommy's field, Information Technology.

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