September 09, 2011


Lol, I made that up, pizza-regretti! I indulge on pizza this day and I regret having it afterwards though I controlled my portions but still I failed on my promise and commitment. Why pizza is so addictive, I think sodium and cheese are the culprits. When I asked hubby what he wants for dinner so that I could prepare / cook the meal early, he replied, whatever I want. I kiddingly said, Pizza! He agreed with it right away which I didn't expect because he himself is staying away from pizza and other hi-cal food. Without hesitation, he drove to Aurelios and ordered pizza, less than 20 minutes we headed home and indulge. It's been a struggle to me for the past weeks because I kept on splurging and indulging on unhealthy stuff. I'm trying to control myself and maybe this is also part of depression. Whenever I'm stress with all the mommy's and wifey's stuff, what a daily routine and I kept on missing working, I noticed that I crave for something and that's the start of it, I will eat then eat after eat and eat. I'm kinda exaggerating as what my friend told me because I'm just 20 lbs overweight from my pre-pregnancy weight of 110lbs compared to others that are having health issues and hard time to shed pounds. That's why I regret having this pizza because I should be in control because I know that I can control but what happened was unacceptable to me. Anyways, this feeling will be over and I'll try not to indulge anymore. 

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