September 11, 2011

Remembering 9-11

I was in still in the Philippines when this tragic things happened, I recall calling my bestfriend who's working in Astoria building and fortunately her bad habit of getting late for work has saved her. It's been ten years, but it will never be forgotten as I watched the memorial ceremony on tv, I cried everytime a relative of the victim said their piece for their love one, it will never be the same and it will never be easy to forget the pain and loss it has caused them. I can't forget the poem that the boy read in 2002 for his father entitled "Stars” by Deborah Chandra: “I like the way they looked down from the sky / And didn’t seem to mind the way I cried / And didn’t say, ‘Now wipe away those tears,’ / Or, ‘Tell us, tell us what’s the matter here!’ / But shining through the dark they calmly stayed / And gently held me in their quiet way. / I felt them watching over me, each one / And let me cry and cry till I was done.” May all the victims rest in peace and may their families have the strength they need to endure the loneliness. I found a very nice video paying tribute to September 11, hope it touched your heart like what it did to me.

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