September 23, 2011

Sending Package to the Philippines (Balikbayan Box)

It's common for all Filipinos living outside the Philippines to send package to their families and friends and we call it 'balikbayan' box. 'Balikbayan' refers to someone making a homecoming to his country/town. I'm planning to send one in time for christmas and the occassions thereafter such as my cousin's birthday. She's living with my mom and dad, still single by choice and enjoying her career as a teacher. She takes care of my parents by helping them out as her schedule permits. Anyways, I will be sending them stuff that we no longer use for many reasons such as hubby and I got wider and bigger, we overlooked to use, extra stuff. Grocery items should not be missed such as SPAM, chocolates, and many others. Shoes and bags, electronic gadgets and some educational magazines. I will be sending each of them their christmas presents and for my cousin an additional birthday gift. I salute her for her dedication to her job which oftentimes does not compensate the effort and skills she puts on it, adding to that is some delays on salaries and wages because she works for government / public school. Since the time that I was here in USA, I already sent her mostly all types of stuff so this time I want to give her something that will pay tribute to her chosen career. I know that there's a teacher appreciation week but as what we usually say, christmas and other special occasions should be celebrated everyday, even the thought of it. For all the teachers around the world, I salute you for a very noble job which makes each one of you the second mother or father of our children because you're there teaching, guiding and providing care and attention to them.

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