September 26, 2011

September is almost over

Time flies so fast that summer is officially over and fall season is here, where flu shots are in demand. As I was organizing my son's closet, keeping some of his summer clothes and bringing out the fall/winter ones, I came across with his halloween costumes. He was six months on his first halloween and he just wore a plain shirt with creepy design plus a hat, then on his 2nd, he wore a Dragon costume and last year he had the cheeseburger outfit (see the photos below). I don't know yet what he's going to wear this year but I'm very sure if he's going to choose, he will have Thomas the train. I thought of buying a halloween costume for my son a week before halloween for the huge discounts, well, I must be practical because it will just be worn once and it's not hard to find for his size. Speaking of size, the grown-ups (the moms who will accompany the kids) are planning to have a halloween party which requires us to wear halloween costumes. In contrast with my son, hubby and I should shop early for our costumes because of our sizes that are hard to find, lol! The ladies are required to have a sexy halloween costumes which made me burst into laugh upon knowing it. How could I wear a sexy outfit on this time that I am having hard time losing weight? Well, I guess confidence would work it out and I think my sense of humor would add up to the sexiness. Besides, there are plenty of sexy black outfits that could help to hide those cupcake tops all over my body, hahaha.
Halloween 2010
Halloween 2009

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