September 09, 2011

What's the best birthday gift for Mother -in-Law?

Next month will be my mother-in-law's birthday and she'll be turning 68 and as of now I don't have any idea what to give her. Every year, we're having hard time to think of what gift shall we give her, knowing that she has almost everything and can afford to buy whatever she wants. Whether its mother's day, her birthday and christmas, we always have difficulty on finding the best gift for her. So, as early as now I need to figure out what to give her, we're done with pampering gift certificates, bag/purse, shoes, kitchen stuff and jewelry. We could give her a perfume but we don't know what she likes most and then I remember when we have lunch together last week, she mentioned that her favorite sweater needs to retire but she doesn't have time to shop. She needs a new sweater which gave me the idea on what to give her, something similar to her old sweater so I need to look for plus size sweaters online, order it so it would be shipped before her birthday. One of the nice things about my mother-in-law is that she appreciates everything whether it's small or big in size , expensive or less expensive gift that you'll give her. She will wear / use the gift that you gave her and always remember who gave it to her. As what they say, it's the thought that counts and matter, and as long as family are together celebrating, it's priceless.

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