September 18, 2011

What's the right sunglass for you?

My son broke my sunglass and it's my fault because I placed it somewhere that he could reach but anyways, I was in the mall yesterday and looking for a new sunglass which turned to zero purchase. It's because my son started to throw tantrums which halted my shopping and it's my fault again because it took me so long to find the sunglass that I want, thus my kiddo got bored. I decided to look online and figure out what's the best frame of sunglass that suits my face. Then, I got interested in finding what is the right sunglass for each shape of the face and have it here based on the photo:
Oblong shape face, the right frame is wider than the broadest part of the face
Oval shape face, most frames are right especially square and wrap-around
Round shape face, the right frame is rectangular or square thick frame
Square shape face, the right frame is soft edged round, oval, cat-eyed, thinner frame
Triangle shape face, the right frame is colorful or cat-eyed and also with straight top lines
Diamond shape face, the right frames is rimless, with distinctive brow-line or oval
Inverted triangle shape face, rimless frame and light color
Heart shape face, oval, flat on top or multi-colored frame
I must admit that it's taking me long time to shop because I'm looking for a nice/trendy style, looks good on me, similar to what a celebrity wore and lastly a designer brand. But, after all of these information I got, I realized that fit, style, eye protection and match with your face shape are the important factors to consider in buying sunglass. Don't buy in because some celebrity endorsed a brand and it looks good on her and you have the money, go for something that suits your face shape and for sure it will turns someone's head and will stare at you. Amongst the celebrities that always 'wow' me with her sunglasses is Victoria Beckham.

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