October 25, 2011

Airsoft Sport

I grew up not that much active in any kind of sports but if dancing will be included, I can say that I do good on it. I'm a sports fanatic though I knew little rules on some but still my enthusiasm is on it. I love watching football, baseball, hockey and basketball on that order. Yesterday, I saw a friend's profile picture wearing a military uniform complete with gears. I sent a message to him asking when did he joined the military and he replied that he didn't, he's into airsoft sport and what he worn are called airsoft gear. It's my first time to hear such a sport and didn't know that it existed. Airsoft is considered a sport where participants shoot round non-metallic pellets launched thru a similar looking firearms. The activity usually is like a combat situations on the battle field, they play military / police organizations doing some tactics with the help of tactical equipments/accessories. Based on the information that I gathered, this sport started in Japan where firearms ownership were banned. Airsoft guns are focused on recreational application in mind which is enjoyed by all ages. My friend told me that it's kinda expensive sport compared with the others but the enjoyment that he gets is incomparable. I can't picture the enjoyment but since he's been my friend for long time, I know that he's so adventurous and for him that's so much fun.

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