October 20, 2011

Birthday gifts for a cause

How uplifting it would be if all the people who will attend a birthday party will donate whatever amount they want as their birthday gift to the celebrant to a chosen charitable organizations. How much more if they can donate timeshares and help children with special needs. Since we are on economic crisis, cash are not that easy to dispose or spent so other options can be used to donate for a cause. Way back then, when I was in the Philippines I used to support a charitable organization against domestic violence which started when our company used to launch a campaign about it and since then I've been a supporter. Relocating and getting married here in USA halted my support to them because I became a stay at home mom and just relying on one income. But, supporting charitable organization is not new to my hubby because eversince he also supports one. Think about it, those multi million fund raising for campaign of anyone who will running for office which are mostly wasted because it was put to somebody who's not worth it and not representing what most americans wants and the best for USA. Don't get me wrong here, there are lots of people who are in need especially children and those dying in Sudan and other places, which made them more deserving of contribution/donation that those putting money for the same-sex marriage cause. I was just dissapointed to hear people donating/pledging a huge amount for lesser cause than starving and dying children.

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