October 28, 2011

"Can you cuddle like a Koala" book

We visited my inlaws yesterday and my son saw some books on top of the coffee table. He grabbed them right away and started to flip the pages. I forgot the exact titles of the children books but I remember two books that he liked. They were Anything for you (Kittens) and Can You Cuddle Like a Koala. The latter was his favorite because of the various pictures of animals. Inasmuch as my mother in law would love to give it to him but they were part of the gift for her neighbor's son birthday that afternoon. Our topic of conversation went to Koalas and where you can find many of them which is in Australia. My mother in law thought of having an asian tour next year and eyeing Australia as one of the destination and I told her that I know about sydney day tours because my friend went there last spring break. She wanted me to browse online and save the link to their favorites which she'll go through when she's already free. How awesome it would be if we could go with them but it's hard for our schedules to meet especially that my son is now into school and I might be working part/full time by then after I completed my course. When we got home, my son kept on saying 'kala' so I planned to check it in the library if they have it otherwise, I need to buy or distract him so he'll forget it.

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