October 13, 2011

Fashion Distraction

I went to a convenience store to buy some potato chips for our dvd marathon at home with hubby. I was so distracted with the girl ahead of me in line because of what she wore. I'm so conservative when it comes to dressing up and could you imagine how shocked I was when I saw this girl wore her regular jeans into a low-rise style. Her butt was exposed and it's so unpleasant to see because she just made it up, wore her pants low-rise style but it's too loose. I wanted to tap her shoulder and say, 'Sweetie, it's not working, you better look for girls belts so your pants wouldn't fall on the ground. What are these girls thinking? She's attractive and sexy without trying hard and at her age, it's still too early to aspire of being seductive. Well, for me it's not always showing some skin and even more than, that you could be attractive or sexy. Humor, being funny and a killer smile could be sexy too. I wish that girl could realize that she needs to accept herself for what she is, before she expects others to appreciate her. I googled for some photo to describe how the girl's fashion became distraction to me and found not exactly but close enough.

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