October 12, 2011

Father and son fishing

We went fishing the other day and I couldn't ask for any other activity on that day than seeing my two boys having fun on catching fishes. The weather was awesome, it's a rare feel summerlike on fall season. There were lots of families out there having picnics, some were just there to relax. It was so relaxing that I was so eager to take a nap but my little boy was not cooperating. He ran around the area, exploring and playing with the crispy sounds of fallen leaves . I read lots of magazines, listened to my ipod, to our AM/FM radio, watched Thomas and Friends on portable dvd player, it's been almost 6 hours but hubby and my son were not yet ready to go home. I got bored along the way because I'm the type of person who loves action and thrill, if only my son would behave I would prefer watching a football game. Maybe, I was not born for fishing and cooking, which are the two activities that I'm not 100% interested. I hope in the future I would love to do them 100% because I feel bad whenever I see my son not eating the food that I prepared for him and have this guilt feeling of not knowing how to cook/prepare other meals that my son might love to eat. But, as what my mom told me, there are stages that kids go through that they tend to become picky eater but usually it will get better. I include some photos hereunder to share.

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