October 11, 2011

Field Trip

Last week, my son had his first field trip and it's mandatory to have one of the parents to come. It was fun and my son enjoyed it so much as much as I did. I met some parents and was able to chat with them basically stuff about the economy. The older mom mentioned that she's having problems with their mortgage and she's looking for refinancing. The youngest mom shared her situation which she happened to have availed VA refinancing because her husband is in military and encourage to do the same and check out the documentation for eligibility. Then, they both asked me if I have the same situation and I told them no and I thank God for that. Amongst the three of us, the two have more in common because their husbands are in military and they both works in government office so after sometime, I excused myself to talk to my son's teacher and to chat with other parents who might have the same situation with me, a stay at home mom / part time student. Unfortunately, I haven't found one but it's nice hearing from them, their struggles and how they keep themselves going despite the economic crisis.

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