October 31, 2011

hApPy HaLlOwEeN

In the afternoon it was 46 degrees farenheit which shortened my son's trick or treat journey. It's not because of him it's more on me, the act of aging strikes, lol. My joints were aching and I kept on sneezing so even I knew that my son would throw tantrums if I take him home, I didn't have any choice because I was not feeling well already. When we got inside the house, my son cried and it was like a firetruck siren until I gave him a cookie and his photo album. When he heard kids knocking on the door, he ran quickly and grabbed the candy container. I opened the door and let him give the treats to the kids. He enjoyed it and didn't want to take off the Thomas costume up to his playing, sliding and dinner time. He just let me take it off when its time to brush his teeth. He just had few treats received which we also gave to kids because we ran out of goodies. I didn't expect that up to 730pm, there still be kids/teens knocking on our door so next time I should distribute the goodies evenly so I wouldn't ran out of supply.

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