October 07, 2011

Paul Bettany of Wimbledon movie

I like Paul Bettany so much and I don't know why, it started when I watched his Wimbledon movie. I watched it in movie theater and I bought a dvd copy and I never get tired watchin it over and over. Then, I realized why it's because there are some physical features of my hubby that I found in Paul. Let's just say Paul Bettany is the sort of 'perfect image of hubby' ,lol! Hubby doesn't want me to include him on this post but he doesn't have any choice because this is my blogsite, I can do whatever I want to do. He's kinda conscious of having him compared with Paul, which I told him 'C'mon, the beauty of a person is in the eye of the beholder' and I continued, for me, you and Paul have similarities in terms physical features and some people might not agree but I don't care because for me, you're the best. He told me to stop pleasing him because he's nervous on what favor I'm gonna ask him, lol. Last night he saw me watching the movie again and I compelled him to watch it too. Then, our conversation went to Tennis which he asked me if I can still play and I replied, 'Of course!, why you asked?, He said, "Your weight would tire you easily". He's right, my extra pounds would retire me right away from playing. Anyways, he mentioned names of players in Tennis Australian Open which are not familiar to me, so he suggested that I should watch Australian Open 2012. He didn't finish watching the movie and told me, that next time I should have popcorn and chips.

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