October 19, 2011

Reconnected with long lost friend

I was able to find a long lost friend way back gradeschool days via social network. She was my bestfriend up to 6th grade and then I was transferred to another school and we lost communication. I miss her because she's also funny and crazy like me, we go along well. Anyways, she lives in South Carolina working as a nurse, married to a nurse also and have 2 kids. I mentioned to her that we are planning to relocate to a more conservative state and she persuades me to move to her state and mentioned that South Carolina Real Estate is very affordable and there are lots of nice houses good for my size of family. She even talked about jobs and the culture in South Carolina though weather is not as good as Florida. I'm so excited to see and be closed to my long lost bestfriend, so I discussed it with my hubby, instead of Florida we could relocated to South Carolina which nursing jobs are all over available. Hubby pleased me by saying, 'ok, let's have South Carolina be our plan B'. That's nice of him because he knows I love to be closer to my friends and family.

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