October 03, 2011

Recycled news : Man dead at desk for 5 days (3 versions)

I found this story with lots of versions and I don't know if this is true or not and whether the magazine/newspaper who published this fabricated the story for one purpose, TO SELL. It was a resurrected news and looks like a fake one because it was more published in England and nowhere to be found in any USA newspapers. Well, that's a marketing strategy, fabricate a story that will create headlines or recycle an old one to sell your magazine/newspaper. I remember that claim about the head of a publishing company that allows/uses wiretapping which made them on top to get scoop/latest news about somebody/something including celebrities. Anyways, whether this story is true or not, it represents the life of a person at work who's alone and have nothing in his life at that phase/stage. He might not have family or friends by the time he died but have a lot going on his life for the past years which could have made him satisfied and just reminiscing memories are enough for him. Probably, this guy/fiction guy must have been too laid back or complacent before and a lot of things happened to his life that he regrets, that's why he promised that he's going to work hard because that's the only thing he has. When I read the news, it breaks my heart as usual because I thought the guy was so unfortunate to have people around him who didn't bother to ask him if he's ok and a family who didn't look for him. Whoever the creator/writer of this story and if he/she based this on one's true story, the writer/creator succesfully achieved his/her objective - get sympathy/attention and more buzz which results to more revenue.

Claimed as published in 2000

Claimed as published in 2000-2001
This version is the one circulating in Facebook newsfeed

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