October 08, 2011

Should Domestic Violence Victims need to suffer more?

Being a stay at home mom, I have the luxury of time to browse the net and I can say that I am updated with the current events locally and partly worldwide. I came across with a ridiculous plan of a certain city in Kansas to save local government money and that's repealing ordinance banning domestic violence due to cost cutting since the budget of prosecuting these cases are huge. During the meeting of the city council, expenditures were discussed and some agencies were cut off a certain percent on their budget such as the County District Attorney's office which informed the public that they would no longer prosecute misdemeanors including domestic violence cases. I learned that some that were arrested were released from jail because charges were not filed. How sad that things are all about money and set aside the need for justice. It seems like saying, ignore those people that were abused who in the first place so scared/humiliated to come out and tell the world their stories. These concerned agencies/institutions should have seek other options like remove or reduce politicians body/security guards like what they have done here in my state, to save some funds. They will let these abusers be free and be able to do it again, believing that they can be off hook anytime. I hope the city council or whatever agency that could interfere change their minds on this matter. How can a victim have the courage to come out and fight Domestic Abuse if they know that justice wouldn't be served. How come those politicians could easily come up with fundraising to support their election/re-election bid? Is this not worth to be a cause for fundraising?

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