October 14, 2011

Stained Scrub Uniform

I want to enjoy my weekend by having less chores / errands to do so I'm doing some of it today as the laundry as the top on my list. I usually do the laundry as often as possible but this week I got too busy with my class so I somehow procrastinate. Today, I should accomplish half of the tasks in my to-do-list which include cleaning/vacuuming my car and other errands. When I was sorting out our clothes from the laundry basket, I found one of hubby's scrubs to have been stained with something that I'm not sure of yet which upsets me because this is now a recurring incident. It's like every month, hubby is becoming less careful maybe due to aging (lol). Anyways, I need to look for new sets of scrubs in http://www.blueskyscrubs.com/ and hopefully the new sets would last for more than a month. I took a photo of the stained scrub which could still be worn but unpleasant and unfit to be worn at work, the fact that his work requires neatness / presentable look.

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