October 02, 2011

Talking about affairs and finances in public

I believe that there are things that shouldn't be discussed in public such as affairs and financial matters, I would like to reiterate that since I witnessed an inappropriate situation. Yesterday, I did my grocery shopping and it was a very long line on the checkout. There were two ladies ahead of me talking about their personal stuff including finances which made me feel ackward because I don't want to listen but I don't have the choice because they're both too loud. When I got home, I told hubby what I've been into and he kiddingly utttered 'aha, eavesdropping!' I told him that the two ladies were talking so loud about affairs and finances. Lady#1 asked Lady #2 if she can loan her some cash because her boyfriend needs it and she promised to pay it back next week which the latter agreed. Then she mentioned that whenever she's running of cash, she applies for cash advance and encourages lady #1 to do the same next time. Actually I don't know if it's right for me to make a post out the awkward situation I've been because it's disclosing people's own business but, I just want to point out a very important matter. There are people like me who doesn't want to hear personal details of a stranger's life. It's like seeing someone flossing and picking nose in public, gross! The topics they're talking about shouldn't be heard or shared with strangers around, specifically the affairs, eww! Do these people think that those things are ok? or they don't really care about public etiquette? I guess both. When talking in public, keeping our voice into a reasonable volume and saving personal details of our lives privately are the polite things to do.

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