October 22, 2011

Thank GOD for another year

I turned older and wiser, I thank GOD for the wonderful years and looking forward for more years of living great life with my family. When I was driving the other day, I was crying because I never imagined my life would be like what I have now. I didn't anticipate that time will come that I'll be far apart from my parents whom I've been with for maybe close to half of my lifespan if GOD permits. But, I will never have my wonderful son and of course husband if GOD didn't allow it to happen. I've been blessed eversince and my life in the Philippines gave me convenience in terms of domestic chores. I have lots of friends there and I just miss the culture. It's been years that I've been celebrating my birthday here in my second home, but nothing compares with how it's celebrated in the Philippines. It's good that Facebook was created because it brought me closer to home. We celebrated my birthday by having lunch to our favorite diner and got my cake, blew the candle, opened my present then the rest was spent on reviewing for my quiz at school.  It's kinda sad and odd feeling that nobody in my class knows that it's my special day. I got used with receiving greetings everywhere I go during my birthday, maybe because I'm so friendly and part of the culture. I'm not making this a big deal, I was just sharing that 'missing home' feeling always strikes me intensely during my birthday. The day after, I got the chance to celebrate with some Filipina friends who took time and their kids for a simple dinner at my house. I thank GOD for giving me another year though sometimes I get paranoid by thinking that I might have an illness everytime I don't feel well. So, everyday that I wake up, I say thank you to GOD because you'll never know when will be your last time. I wish GOD will give me more years so that I could be with my son longer.

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