November 28, 2012

When to get rid of your makeups?

I was busy cleaning the master bedroom and when I got into my closet, I found makeups that I wasn't able to open yet and some slightly used ones. When I sorted them, I got more than one of its kind. I can't recall which is the most current like in mascara and lip gloss. I need to get rid of some of them because I know that there is a set lifespan in terms of effectivity and possible harm it will give you. Thus, I browsed the net to know for how long can i keep some of these makeups.

I found out the following:

Mascara and Liquid eye liner - good for six months ; less than if you use daily, these wet tubes are the ideal breeding ground for bacteria.

Liquid foundation - good for six months; ingredients separate (oils rise to the top) or a change in color or consistency

Powders - good for 12 to 18 months ; this last awhile but with age, they can crumble and become hard to blend

Eye and lip pencils- good for 2 years ;sharpen every 2 weeks to stay fresh/clean
Lipstick and gloss - good for 2 years ; just watch out for off smell or taste

Well, in times like this, we should be practical as long as you think they are still ok and wouldn't let you look goofy (offseason/fashion colors) keep them.

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