October 06, 2011

Why I gained too much weight when I moved to USA?

It's not just me asking this question, there are lots of people that I know who are wondering why themselves and their relatives got wider when they moved here in USA. There's a sister of my friend who's been living in France for 12 years and relocated to USA, my friend who's been in Japan for 10 years and found the love of her life here in USA and relatives from Asia who moved here for good. Let's cite the factors that caused me and the rest to have lots of extra pounds. Change of time and technology especially in USA who's ahead amongst others. Refrigerator got bigger and wider, televisions are all over the house, microwaves, oven and all electronic gadgets took over the used to be manually done. Lots of car, lawn mower, snow blower that caused people not to walk and move much more. Huge portions/sizes of food, just compare the sizes in fast food here with other countries, their large is only medium here. Lazy to cook and will dine out and sometimes will drive to fast food and spend time at the drive thru wasting gas because they don't want to park/walk-in to get the rich in fat/sodium/calories meal. There's less amount of society pressure to stay slim because social situations seems encouraging to eat more and why bother if people around you are neither slim or fit. Restaurants have their own marketing strategy to compete with each other such as offering huge servings. In addition, the free delivery option that caused one not to have exercise. Due to hectic working schedule, grocery shopping usually done once a week or twice a month which lead to purchasing frozen/canned/ready-meal than fresh food that could have less calories. Pizza is considered a lunch/dinner meal, bagels/donuts/muffin are usually part of breakfast which are very high in calories. Also, the availability of vending machines wherever you go and we know most of the items therein are rich in sodium and high in calories. These are some of the factors but for me personally, the lack of movement/exercise tops them all, given that the kind of food and portion size that we're eating are mostly unhealthy and will cause you to gain extra pounds. I'm to lazy to walk going to a nearby drugstore which is just 1 block away from my house, I will rather drive. Each room has tv, which caused you to sit and eat for longer hours. Free delivery from chinese or any restaurant, so the tendency is to indulge. I don't sweat a lot because I turned on the a/c into high if its too hot then when outdoor, I maximize my car's a/c and avoid walking under the heat of the sun. It's the lifestyle that should be corrected. Goodluck to everyone like me who's struggling to shed some pounds.

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