October 10, 2011

Work Assignment in Edmonton

Hubby's highschool buddy and his family now settled in New Jersey were in town for a week vacation only because they need to go back and prepare for his new work assignment. They are looking for Edmonton rentals and if things turn out well, they plan to buy their own house and settle there. We went out fishing in a nearby lake and have a picnic. The two buddies were inseparable, they chat the whole time and did a lot of catching up since it's been years they haven't seen each other. They don't have a child yet my son kept us (wives) busy, following him everywhere because as usual he enjoys running around. Their relocation to Edmonton as part of his work assignment is easier for them because they don't have a child yet to worry with in terms of schooling.They are such a sweet and nice couple and they even invited us to visit them and promised to sponsor our trip because hubby's friend wants to return a favor that my hubby did for him way back then. I can imagine the thrill of having vacation in Edmonton.

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