October 28, 2011

World Series 2011 Game 6

It was a very exciting game, for those who paid and endure the chills, can say that it's worth their time, money and effort. Hubby roots for Cardinals while I go for Rangers, though we're both White Sox fan. Anyways, my interest in baseball started when I relocated here in USA and basketball was left behind since it was my favorite sport when I was in the Philippines. After White Sox won the world series in 2005, it was Cardinals vs. Detroit and that's the start where hubby and I started picking what team we want to win. So, he picked Cardinals because he likes Tony Larussa and I happened to like Kenny Rogers, I think the oldest pitcher then, because he's good. Then Cardinals won! Then last year, I rooted for Rangers again because of Cliff Lee and as usual hubby picked the opponent, SF Giants. Hubby teased me that I was the jinx, whatever team I wanted to win, ended up losing. Now, I believe that Rangers will have it this time. I hope and pray that they will have the same fate with Mavericks, used to be underdogs for many times, until they won. Go Rangers! Go Derek!

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