November 11, 2011

Aquatic Fitness

During our recent visit to my mother in law, while waiting in the surgery room the doctor was talking to the family of the patient and informing them that after the operation the need for exercise and diet should be strictly enforced. I should say that the room is small so we can hear each other clearly, so that you guys wouldn't think that I'm the nossy type, lol!  I learned that the patient who's overweight was a good swimmer and worked as a coach in swimming competition. Those were the days as what his daughter was saying and telling us indirectly that her dad is kinda stubborn and never listen to them with regards to having exercise like walking, jogging or hire a personal trainor. But this time, whether he likes it or not, the children will compel him to move. One lady mentioned about aquatic fitness swim spas upon knowing that her dad was a swimmer before. The lady said that it helped her uncle a lot because it provides good amount of hydrotherapy exercises which aside from swimming, you can use it to walk, jog, run and other exercise activities. I was so attentive because it was something new to me and it's awesome and at the same time I was thinking that it will be too expensive. But the lady said, it's reasonable and you can choose what type is suited for the father of the lady. How amazing that you could have all this for fun, exercise and relaxation within the comfort of your home.

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