November 06, 2011

Balanced Diet

As what I mentioned in my previous posts, up to now I'm still struggling to shed some pounds.  I don't know, though lots of my friends are telling me that I can easily do it because I have lots of time as being a stay at home mom compared with them as working moms. Having lots of time because some things such as chores/tasks can be procrastinated without taking risk of being fired or reprimanded. But, day to day routines, taking care of my little boy, studying and other tasks eat up most of my time so I don't have time too to go to the gym hoping it will help me get motivated. I know that running out of time or having no time is an alibi, because if you really set time for it, you'll have it. Maybe boredom and same old same old routines caused me to stick with my bad habit, eating! I gave it a serious thought where am I doing wrong despite that I'm committed to lose weight for health reason and I found it. My balance diet, see the photo! Hahahaha, just thought of something when I saw the photo but anyways, seriously I'm making an extra effort to stick with my plan of losing weight. I'm on the same age where my mom started to have hypertension which runs in our family and years later mom got type 2 diabetes which I'm worried about. I'm kinda paranoid whenever I have some symptoms, I kept on googling them if they are related to diabetes or the scary C illness.  Believe it or not, last week when I was in the grocery store and waiting for my turn in the register the old lady ahead of me, all of a sudden asked me ' is there anyone in your family who's diabetic?' I replied 'No' to halt the conversation but she continued and pointed to my stuff that those are 'NoNos' for diabetic. Items that she's referring were white rice and rice noodle. When I got into my car, it kinda sinked in to me and I talked to GOD, I thanked him for using that old lady to remind me that I have the tendency to have type 2 diabetes because of my current lifestyle especially eating habits. I know GOD speaks through that old lady and somehow shed light to what's bothering me lately. I know that my blood pressure is elevated and I might be closed to being diabetic so I must do something right. I hope and pray that I could stick with my plan and that's to shed some pounds and maintain a healthy lifestyle from now on.

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